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Lance Bass is quite outspoken and active: Adam Lambert says he's not here for our entertainment, but with those pipes and a face like that, we wish he was. He's currently wrapping up a worldwide tour with Queen. Their last stop is Las Vegas in September. Andy Cohen is openly gay but handles women better than most straight men when he hosts Real Housewives reunions. Not only is this author and producer the host of popular late-night Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live , he also hosts the Love Connection reboot.

Smollett released a track debut album in March called Sum of My Music , in which he touches on his insecurities as an openly gay black man. While on tour, he visited Pulse Nightclub in Orlando and wrote an emotional message about it on Instagram. We came to know and love Gilman as the year-old country singing phenom, but he's officially grown into hottie status. Not only did he audition for — and become runner-up on — The Voice, but he's also embarking on a mini-tour throughout New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. He also plans to record new music. Pancholy has some serious comedic chops.

He kept us rolling as Sanjay on Weeds and Jonathan on 30 Rock. And now he's stepping into the literary world, authoring his very first book titled The. Ty Herndon has been hot on the country scene for over two decades and inspired other musicians when he came out in Whatever that word meant, I knew that I probably was one," the singer told People at the time. Telling my story is an opportunity to help just one of them. We dare you to listen to Tyler Glenn singing for the Neon Trees and not love him.

Go ahead, try it. But then 13 Reasons Why hit Netflix, and life was good again. He plays the role of lawyer Dennis Vasquez. You can also catch him in the short film I'm Just Here , which is set to release sometime this year.

A Gay Guide to Picking Up the Hot Guy at the Bar

Ambrose in Bob's Burgers. But the role we're most excited about? He's the voice of Timon in the upcoming major motion picture remake of The Lion King! It's set to release sometime in We may never get to compete on The Biggest Loser , but Bob Harper is welcome to try to whip our butts into shape any day of the week. However, in February , he suffered a heart attack that shocked that nation and posted a personal Instagram post about his recovery, one year later.

More than a few, we think. As one could imagine, he is very outspoken about politics and current events. I did so almost 20 years ago. I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay! After playing Tanner Daniels in G. But the most exciting project to date? His Pink Sunglasses West Coast tour , where he'll play for fans for free, anywhere, as long as they can guarantee an audience of at least 15 people. How cool is that?

Our MORNING ROUTINE As A COUPLE! (Gay Couple Edition)

In addition to Modern Family , Ferguson's spent a lot of time on Broadway. According to Playbill , in Log Cabin , "a tight-knit group of gays and lesbians considers the new mainstream through the eyes of their transgender friend. Emmy Award nominee B. It's true. More recently, the Tony winner joined the cast of The Great Leap , which began performances on May According to Playbill , " The Great Leap weaves a tale of history and personal identity. Set in San Francisco in , the play follows Manford Lum, a basketball player who talks his way onto a college team just before they travel to Beijing for a 'friendship' game.

But he has plenty of projects in the works, including short drama film Raceland and crime comedy Easy Does It , both of which are set to release sometime this year. We swooned at the Hobbit star's portrayal of the muscly Gaston in the live-action Beauty and the Beast. But it's his role in The Alienist that's truly garnering attention and acclaim: It was recently nominated for three Emmys , including for outstanding limited series.

Brad Goreski may have started out as Rachel Zoe's sidekick, but he's become a star in his own right — and he's so cute we die.

People I've never spoken to. I was told I had done a 'silly' thing in… thwarting my own potential to be a leading man. Lee has kept himself busy since his Entourage days, though.

The ‘Queer Eye’ Cast

The Movie , which is set to release sometime in Frank Ocean is super-gifted. He's recognized for his own songs now, but he's also written for John Legend, Justin Bieber and Brandy — not to mention he's super-cute. The Grammy-winning artist made waves when he posted a statement to his Tumblr in , opening up about his sexuality. If I listen closely… I can hear the sky falling too," he wrote. This interior designer can come hang curtains in our house anytime he wants. Nate Berkus does more than spend time sprucing up spaces; he has a book club, too, called Nate Reads.

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The Scandal star is also a hilarious comedian. Guillermo Diaz cracked us up in Half Baked and Weeds. He's still pretty cute, though. And in , Reid Ewing opened up via an essay on HuffPost about his body dysmorphia and how much he regretted getting cosmetic surgery because of it. I wish I could go back and undo all the surgeries. Former Alias star and silver fox Victor Garber said in that he didn't need to address his sexuality because "everybody knows. I wondered if that's something that's public, that you've confirmed," blogger Greg Hernandez said in during a press tour.

Garber responded, "I don't really talk about it, but everybody knows. He's going to be out here with me for the SAG Awards. We don't know if it's his dashing good looks or dreamy British accent, but Rupert Everett is just so darn sexy.

Hot Gay Men - Hot Gay Guy Celebrities

Recently, he's been spotted playing Oscar Wilde in the film The Happy Prince , which came out this year. Sir Ian McKellen has been openly gay and an activist since the '80s, and he says coming out made him both a better person and a better actor. A version of this article was originally published in April Anderson Cooper is arguably the classiest man in Hollywood. Adriana M. But for all of the good that comes from being attractive particularly in gay circles there can be a major downside. Early on in my coming out process, I realized that people assumed that just because I was a good looking that I was also arrogant.

What sucks about this is that potential suitors are afraid to talk to you! Another downside to being very good looking in gaydom is that guys objectify you. In other words, they are just looking at you for sex. What stinks about this is that you never get the chance to let others see you for who you really are. For example, on my last date, all the guy did was ask me questions about my workout routine and what positions I liked.

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  • The assumption is that because I am good looking, I must be for sale. Whenever I see someone use it during a chat, I block them right away. My pet peeve is when I am dating a guy and we get to the point of intimacy, he expects to find a monster in my pants. The final part about being an attractive gay man is the feeling that I always need to apologize for my looks on dates.